Agent Dr. Pedler

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Agent Dr. Pedler
Class: Cyborg

Dr Kit Pedler was one of the main starting units. He was a cyborg, with advanced abilities in hacking and in strength. The current iteration does not include Dr. Pedler, and all information here is not applicable to the present game.

Special Powers[edit | edit source]

Wireless Interface[edit | edit source]

A powerful broadcasting device allows the agent to interact with electronics from a distance, even through walls. (Scan electronics and access computers from up to 5 tiles away)

Cyborg Arm[edit | edit source]

Pneumatic pistons drive the servos making for a powerful left hook. (+2 to KO damage on a melee attack)

Shield Field[edit | edit source]

A magnetic barrier protects the agent from some damage. (Absorbs 1 point of damage a turn)

Starting Passive Powers[edit | edit source]

Cyborg Arm[edit | edit source]

Cyborg Arm is a passive ability that gives +2 KO to his attack, allowing you to knock enemies out for a longer time.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

On level up Dr. Pedler is able to pick between two different random skills from the following list:

Ability Specs
Toughness +1 to max HP
Energy 8% chance to refresh your action after using it
Scan +2 to wireless scanning range

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