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Augments are split into two types, conditional and passive. Conditional augments activate when a certain task is performed while passive augments always apply regardless of the situation. All agents' innate augment items are passive augments.

Augment Name Icon Condition Effect Note
Penetration Scanner Passive Melee attack ingores 1 point of armor.
Predictive Brawling When agent knocks out an enemy with melee attack. Gain 6 AP. (Stacks)
Chameleon Movement When cloacked. Gain 3 AP
Neural Networking Passive Allows agent to uncover DEAMONS in adjecent objects. Start for Decker
Net Downlink When Incognita has fully broken a firewall. Gain 2 AP (max: 6 AP)
Modular Cybernetic Frame Passive Start with 6 augment slots. Each 3 augments installed gives melee weapons +1 KO damage. Start for Sharp
Ambient Turbine Passive Get PWR equal to KO done in melee. Start for Olivia
Subdermal Cloack This effect triggers after this agent successfully uses a STIM item. And consumes 5 PWR when used. Renders the user invisible until their next turn.
Wireless Emitter Passive Allows agent to hack items from a distance, through walls. Automatically reveals nearby Mainframe objects. Start for Internationale

Sadochistic Pump

Dead man's Switch

Anatomy Analysis

Distributed Processing

Torque Injectors

Titanium Rods

HoloCircuit Overloaders

MicroSLAM Apparatus

Piercing Scanner