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Plastech Cybermedical[edit | edit source]

Logo plastech.png

Located in South America

Originally a weapons specialist combining state of the art ballistic and laser designs operated by custom neural interfaces. Plastech as since branched out into the shadowy world of cybernetics and neuro kinetics.

Threats[edit | edit source]


Plastech's advancements in genetics could heal all of mankind. So now they are making a new mankind.

Sankaku Heavy Industries[edit | edit source]

Logo sankaku.png

Located in Asia

The Central Division Drone Research Facility continuously breaks new barriers in the fields of robotic capabilities and ethics.

Threats[edit | edit source]

Obake Drone Line:

Hunter Seeker robot patrol system

The Keibi Grid:

Advanced building and security and surveillance installations

Kelfried & Oden Weapons Foundry[edit | edit source]

Logo KandO.png

Located in Russia

Spearheading K&D's commitment to no compromises, the global distribution Facility provides the world with top of the line security and peacekeeping ordnance.

Threats[edit | edit source]

Thor Division:

Heavy Combat troops. State of the art physical training, armor and weaponry.

Loki Turret Network:

Stationary intelligent pacification units. Highest motion monitoring and response time record to date.

Factory to Market Wholesalers[edit | edit source]

Logo FTM.png