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Invisible, Inc. has one main objective: to survive and continue to the next level. But there are several optional objectives that will allow your team to improve faster. The Main Objective is pretty simple in most games: Get to the exit By moving an Agent onto an exit tile will give you the ability to exit the current level.

There are other Optional Objectives which will help you out later in the game. Make use of the Alarm Level to maximize your objectives.

Optional Objective: Break into safes

  • Scattered in the levels are Safes which contain items that help improve the team. Items, Credits and intelligence documents can be found inside. Either CPU Points or special items are required to unlock a safe.

Optional Objective: Hijack computers

  • In order to advance through levels, it may be necessary to shut off Security Systems. This is done by breaking the firewalls on the security feature in the Mainframe view. CPU points are required to do this. Computers hijack by agents will provide CUP points to The Agency each turn.