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All items excluding weaponry

Rechargeable Items[edit | edit source]

Item Name Icon Recharge AoE Requirements Description
Buster Chip I 5 1 square Anarchy 2 Use this to manually break through 2 firewalls
EMP Pack I 8 3 tiles Hacking 2 Detonates at end of turn. Disables all Mainframe devices and drones in a range of 3 tiles.
Modded Cloaking Rig 8 Self Speed 2 Renders the user invisible until their next turn or if they attack
Paralyzer I 6 Pinned Anarchy 2 Use on pinned targets. KO's target for an extra 2 turns
Paralyzer II
Paralyzer III
STIM I 9 Self Speed 2 Restores 4 AP
STIM II 7 Self Speed 3 Restores 6 AP
STIM III 4 Self Speed 4 Refreshes and agent's attack and restores 8 AP

Single Use Items[edit | edit source]

Item Name Icon Description
Charge Pack Refills a weapon's ammo or reduces an item's cooldown.
Vault Access Card Opens the special high-security vault doors in corporate vault and cybernetic lab locations.

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