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Weapon Name Icon Damage Output Armor Pierced Recharge Clip Size
Neural Disrupter Neural Disrupter.png 2 KO 0 3 Infinite, Melee
Neural Disrupter II Neural DisrupterII.png 2 KO 1 3 Infinite, Melee
Neural Disrupter III Neural DisrupterIII.png 3 KO 2 2 Infinite, Melee
Shalem's Rifle Shalem's Rifle.png Kill 1 None 2
Biogenic D.A.R.T. 2 KO 2 7 Infine, Range (can recharge faster with 1 use Charge Pack)
Energy Pistol Energy Pistol.png Kill 2  ? 1, appears to recharge at the start of each level with 5 total shots over 5 missions

Category: Weapons